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Knee pain to end

Knee pain is serious. Without freedom of movement in the knee feels like a cripple. We see ads all the time for painkillers, heat wraps and other temporary solutions for knee pain. I’m talking about bursitis or arthritis pain in this message.

Whenever we hurt our knees or any other town our bodies will be running the joint fluid. If your bodily fluids are saturated with inorganic minerals, these dead minerals accumulate in the joint. With inactivity a night that these minerals tend to clump together to form crystals.

These crystals are not smooth as a Pearl. They are jagged and sharp as broken glass, or worse. The crystals remain in the articulation and act like sandpaper.

Your body sends continuously more fluid the joint to melt the crystals and take them out of the vital domain.

The problem comes when the fluid sent to carry away the dead minerals, so is overloaded with minerals dead, this id can do nothing but leave behind. Thus the growing pain cycle continues.

Painkillers can dull the pain temporarily, but never can remove inorganic minerals that cause the problem. Medical schools should teach doctors how to delete these inorganic minerals. However, everything they do is teach your doctor as too administer painkillers. Or teaching them how to replace a joint. There is no money to remove the cause of knee pain.

Think About It. If you need to clean the mud off the floor, would dip the cloth in muddy water? He would not soak the cloth in clean water.

When we drink beverages loaded with inorganic minerals is like using a muddy rag to clean the mud off the floor. To ensure that your blood and lymph to be clean enough to remove inorganic minerals from joints, it is necessary to limit the sources of inorganic minerals in the blood.

There is no supplement that can do this. There is no magic potion that can make everything better. You must stop causing it. You have to take action.

I go into more detail in my course, but here is a brief summer where inorganic minerals that cause arthritis.

Cooking food or drinks, transforms organic (living) inorganic mineral ores (dead). If you eat or drink too much cooked food your body is loaded with inorganic minerals.

Water loaded with minerals is another source.

You must drink only pure water.

You have to eat mainly raw fruits or vegetables. Your calories should come from at least 75% fruits or vegetables.

I suffered for 13 years until I learned this. I changed my diet and lifestyle and within two months the pain was gone! Within two weeks I had a healing crisis. By the end of that crisis my pain was 90% gone.

If you change to 75% raw too fast might be a healing crisis. Which I will discuss in another lesson. Or you can take my health course. Is free of charge. Just enter my website.

Charles Snyder has suffered with arthritis and bursitis for 13 years before he learnded how to stop doing it. Within 2 months after he stopped because her arthritis went away. Has a free course on his website and a contact link if you want to talk to him.

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