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Causes of injury of shoulder Rotator

The rotator cuff consists of a group of muscle fibers that while very sharp, are, by nature, very weak. Because they work to allow free rotation and reaching overhead, these muscles are vulnerable to injuries of the shoulder rotator cuff injuries are associated with more sports and physical jobs.

If the fibers, fabrics, bursa and inflamed shoulder muscles and damaged or torn can cause severe injury of the rotator cuff. Lesions of the shoulder rotator cuff have some terms that are regularly associated with:

1. irritation and inflammation bursa is called bursitis. Bursa is a SAC filled with fluid that surrounds the muscles and tendons of the rotator cuff.

2. irritation and inflammation of the tendons of the shoulder is called Tendonitis.

3. When the tendon is squeezed and begins to rub the bone of scapula, irritation and possible tendon lacerations occurs and impingement is called.

4. as you age, football has a tendency to accumulate in the joints. This calcification in the articulation of the shoulder is called tendinitis tendinitis. This condition is also called a bone spur and can irritate the tendons surrounding the spur and possibly cause tears in the tendons.

Lesions of the shoulder rotator cuff can be caused by many things:

1. many times a sudden stress or injury to the shoulder may cause a tear tendons. A torn Rotator can be much smaller, or it can be a very important disadvantage.

2. age may be an important factor in shoulder injuries. Symptoms of Rotator cuff will be noticed more age because the tendons and muscles of the shoulder become weaker with age, increasing the likelihood that they will be injured or torn.

3. activities involving repetitive movements like reaching overhead can very easily strain the rotator cuff.

Aging and repetitive movements are the two biggest factors in impact. If shock is not dealt with, will eventually scar tissue to build up. Also begins the fray tendons, making them weak, leading to a great chance for injury.

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